Guys Issues Always…

When it comes to dating and being in a serious relationship with someone I think I’ma have to pass. I say that because throughout my whole life in he dating aspect I always would strike out. I can honestly say I have never had a good experience when it came to me liking someone.  It always ended the same, me hurt emotionally. But through the years i’ve still continued to keep hope a live and still put myself out there on the market but now as of today I’m discontinued.  In middle school I experienced rejection and heart break. In high school I experienced rejection and heartbreak and in college Ive experienxed almost everything a college freshman girl can experience,  good and bad. But my point is, it seems as is if that I wasnt made to be in a serious relationship,  no one can commit to me. I don’t wanna be God but he created me. I think it’s just not in his plan for me to ever be happy and settle down with a handsome gentlemen. I would like to get married and have kids but I just don’t see it eer happening. This is a sad way to look at it but all the evidence leds me to thia conclusion. I guess i’ma have to learn how to accept it but its gonna be hard because I love to kiss and spend time with someone I like as more than friends and there is always cuddlig and watching tv and movies together and couple pics, just a bunch of fun stuff I’m gonna miss out on because there is something about me that only attracts guys that are unattractive on the inside and the outside.  Sometimes i can pull an attractive guy but he ends up being an ass hole so.  Well this is me venting, you know my guy problems sometimes effect my self esteem.  I’ll feel like well dang, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, oh I know my body didn’t meet your standards. Too much makeup, doesn’t bring any attention to herself so who the freak are you, no likes on IG, booty so small  i get bored when she twerking, the list goes on…But somepeople who read this may judge me oh well,  I don’t care. I never wrote this for yall, it helps me get through life. So yea, welp have a good day.



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