I want some whi…

I want some whip cream in my caramel latte.
-Brittany Pyles

Well I’ve never dated a white male before in my life and now being a freshman in college, I want to try some new things and do more things I want to do. I never really have been in a successful relationship and I’m not saying that if i date a white guy it will be better but i think it’s worth a try. I do have some worries but I’m willing to give it a try. 🙂



2 responses to “I want some whi…

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to flirt with white males, but there are some I can just have a normal conversation with and it’s easy. I like that :))

  2. I had a bad experience with a white guy before, and what happened really was he was rude to me. And it discouraged me from wanting to pursue any white guys in the future but i reminded myself every person isn’t the same and hasn’t been raised in the same house hold and thinks and believes the same things. So I decided i’ll still give them a chance.

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